“No gimmicks, just pure mixes, remixes and tracks”

– Luis Evangelista


Born and raised in New York City, Morningside Heights, Luis Evangelista has many passions. Music, after his family, is a large part of his life. DJing from an early age, with over 30 years behind the decks, he delved into music production in his late teens, when everything was analog, editing on quarter-inch tape and 1 inch tape, spending days upon days editing a song. To this day, his passion leads him to continually research new music, listen to old music and produce music. Most people are blessed with a talent, a gift, Luis’ is music.Luis’ first club experience was at a roller rink, he recalls. “I think it was called High Roller. It was located on 57th street where the old Red Parrot/Emerald City/Copa Cabana used to be. I can remember that experience vividly. The smell of the smoke from the smoke machine, the people skating around the rink, the disco lights and the massive sound system that grabbed me by the chest and didn’t let go. The DJ was playing Heartbeat by Taana Gardner. Till this day, every time I hear that song I flashback to that moment and relieve that feeling all over again, bittersweet memories”. Listening to Club DJs’ master mixes on the radio had a greater influence than watching them live for Luis.

Luis has been influenced by old school DJ’s, Aldo Marin, John Jellybean Benitez, The Latin Rascals, Little Louie Vega and such producers as Arthur Baker, Cerrone, Giorgio Moroder and Todd Terry.

Luis has tried to move away from music and onto other things, but the music keeps bringing him back. Having worked with many independent artists, editing work and remixes on projects that were done for the love of the music and never saw the light of day attests to his commitment to this passion. Most of the labels were fly by night labels back when Freestyle music reigned supreme.
“I love creating music from nothing and turning it into something that moves your soul, a rhythm that lingers in your head, a drum pattern that has you tapping your feet, percussion that forces you to get up and move. It’s rewarding to see a group of people dancing and enjoying the music you’ve created”.

Armed with the belief that nothing is impossible if you could think outside of the box, and best known for DJing, editing and master mixing, he relies on his creativity for just about everything. With a knack for reproducing tracks and creating wonderful mixes, Luis is establishing himself as a producer with the launch of PhaseShift Entertainment in 2014, now touting multiple releases, available on Traxsource, Beatport, iTunes and and various other digital outlets.

Luis considered producing tracks and submitting to record labels. The launch of Phaseshift Ent came about after weighing the advantages and disadvantages of being signed to label versus his own label. Technology being what it is today made the decision easier to start PhaseShift. Utilizing his experience working for an independent record label, Luis is versed in radio promotions and retail promotions and fills the functions of producer, artist, engineer as well as record label CEO.

Presently living just outside of New York City, in New Jersey, when not in the studio or behind the decks, Luis can be found spending an evening with family, enjoying photography, at the movie theater or maintaining physically fit. Neither the City nor the studio are far for this down to earth talented producer who wants to be remembered for a great sense of humor his passion to work the turntables to move your soul and release body shaking tantalizing tracks.


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